Announcing the Pocky K.O. GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!

Take on the first Pocky K.O. champion, ROBTV, as your area’s challenger!

Four challengers in total will be selected from the USA, Japan, and the ASEAN region.
Challengers will get the chance to play against Pocky K.O. 2019 champion ROBTV* online.
Matches will be streamed worldwide on the Glico Twitch account.
The Pocky K.O. GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP is your opportunity to take on the world’s No.1 player!
Everyone is welcome to try their luck!

Watch the Pocky K.O. GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP on Twitch!

  • STEP 1

    Go for a Pocky K.O.

    Be prepared to record your gameplay.

  • STEP 2

    Video Record your gameplay

    Video record a win that you think qualifies as a Pocky K.O..

  • STEP 3

    Post your gameplay

    Post your gameplay on twitter or Instagram with #PockyKOChallenge and hashtag* for your country.

* Use the 3-character code for your country (per ISO 3166-1) after the hashtag.
3-character codes: #USA #JPN #IDN #SGP #PHL #VNM #MYS

Challenger Selection

Challengers will be selected from the screenshot submissions based on the uniqueness andaesthetics of the Pocky K.O. technique.

Tournament Prizes

Each of the four selected players will receive limited-edition STREET FIGHTER V × Pocky collaborative goods!

  • STREET FIGHTER V software *latest version
  • Online environment

Pocky K.O. Challenge exhibition matches were held at the Capcom Cup 2019 in Los Angeles between December 13 and 15, 2019.
The demo booth set up for members of the public to try Street Fighter V Pocky Edition was incredibly popular.

  • ROBTV, the first Pocky K.O. champion
  • Kenny Omega, one of the first Pocky K.O. challengers
  • Many people were able to try the game at the demo booth.
  • Pocky K.O. Challenge exhibition match
  • Global exhibition match stream on Twitch

Pocky K.O. — A New Way to Play Street Fighter V
The rules are simple.

Simply knock out your opponent when your Health Gauge looks like a stick of Pocky.
This ratio should be about the same as the chocolate-to-biscuit ratio of a stick of Pocky.
Take a screenshot of the K.O. screen and check if you’ve earned a Pocky K.O.!

How to Get a Pocky K.O.

  1. Allow your health gauge to reach the Pocky ratio (see below).Use the checker at the bottom of the page to check your Pocky ratio.

  2. K.O. your opponent with your health gauge as described in step 1 above for a Pocky K.O.
    Try to use exciting, aesthetic moves for an even better Pocky K.O.!

Pocky K.O. Checker

To see if you’ve earned a Pocky K.O.,
simply upload a screenshot or a photo of your K.O. screen!

* Correct measurement of the “Pocky K.O. ratio” may not be possible using a photo of the K.O. screen instead of a screenshot.

Capture the screenshot just after “K.O.” disappears for best results! Images without “K.O.” are the best for showing the “Pocky K.O.” logo.